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Crane Hire & Contract Lifting Services

We can provide our clients with a range of Mobile Cranes to satisfy any lifting requirements they may have. As a member of the CPA it is our obligation to provide our clients with the safest and most practicable method of getting the job done, with Duddon able to provide just the crane and operator or the whole lifting team. Below is a brief description of the two services we can provide. All of our Crane Operators are trained and competent to CPCS standard with many years of experience within the Industry.

CPA Crane Hire - The Lifting Operation is contractually the client's responsibility. The client provides the Appointed Person to plan the lift, along with the Crane Supervisor and Slinger/signaller; they also retain most of the insurance responsibilities. The Hire company provides the Crane and the trained Operator.

CPA Contract Lift - The Crane, Operator, Crane Supervisor and Appointed Person are mainly the Hire Company's (Duddon Hire) responsibility. If things go wrong and the Hire Company will have certain specified insurance arrangements to cover the companies liabilities under the lifting contract.

CPA Contract Lifting ConditionsModel Conditions